martedì 5 gennaio 2010

Dual Signs: Sheep and Aries

Despite your ardor and dynamism, you do show a clear tendency to utopia or mysticism. You often have the desire to be elsewhere or to have something else which is not of this world. Basically hedonistic, you love life and its pleasures, but you can renounce them altogether should circumstances require it.
You're more emotive and sensitive than you want to appear. Tender and mischievous at the same time, you've much charm, humor, and funniness, which renders your company very agreeable and much sought for.
You also have a really charitable and compassionate heart. One can always hope to get from you a comforting word, a meal, or material aid. Some people may find you somewhat foolish, but all recognize your goodness. Obliging, but with fits of laziness, you know better than anyone how to make yourself loved.
One could say that you lack realism and good common sense. In compensation, intuition and luck often come to assist you. You earn money easily and spend it offhand, without concern for possible consequences.
Heartwise, your strong passions intimately mingle with huge illusions, which can entail confused and entangled situations. You tend too much to yearn for what is manifestly out of your reach, or to idealize reality exaggeratedly. Sometimes you suffer from or make suffer from treacheries.

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